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STM32F103ZE ARM-CM3 Board

STM32F103ZE ARM-CM3 Board
STM32F103ZE ARM-CM3 Board
STM32F103ZE ARM-CM3 Board
STM32F103ZE ARM-CM3 Board
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STM32F103ZE ARM-CM3 Board
STM32F103ZE ARM-CM3 Board
STM32F103ZE ARM-CM3 Board
STM32F103ZE ARM-CM3 Board
STM32F103ZE ARM-CM3 Board
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  • Brand: Embest - China
  • Model: DEV-1473
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The STM32F103ZE (SZE1) is an ARM evaluation board produced by Embest, integrate the STMicroelectronic ARM Cortex-M3 core-based processor STM32F103ZE, operating at a 72 MHz frequency. The board features USB, CAN, SD Card interface, TFT-LCD, RS232 serial interface, four 26-pin user extended interface, etc. Plenty of software examples, which can be used in Keil MDK environment, are accompanied in CDROM.

You can use the Cortex-M3 based STM32F103ZE (STM3210E) ARM Evaluation Board to generate and test application programs for the STMicroelectronics STM32F10x microcontroller family. With this hands-on process, you can determine the hardware and software requirements for current and future product development.

The STM32F103ZE (STM3210E) ARM Evaluation Board ships with the STM32F103ZE (STM3210E) device that is a superset of several other device variants of the STM32F10x microcontroller series. The STM32F103ZE (STM3210E) Board contains all the hardware components required in a single-chip STM32x system.

Hardware Specifications:

The connectors on the STM32F103ZE (STM3210E) ARM evaluation board provide easy access to many of the STM32F103ZE (STM3210E)'s on-chip peripherals.

  • Serial Port: A standard DB9 connector is on the STM32F103ZE (STM3210E) board for the STM32F103ZE (STM3210E)'s built-in UART interfaces. This is a full duplex, serial port.
  • CAN Port: A standard DB9 connector for applications requiring CAN communications.
  • USB Port: A standard USB Type B connector for applications requiring USB communications.
  • TFT LCD Display: A detachable, 240x320 TFT, color LCD display. You may use this graphic display device to show real-time debug and program status messages.
  • On-board Battery: A removable, lithium battery is included on the STM32F103ZE (STM3210E) to maintain power to the real-time clock when the board disconnects from the main power supply.
  • Analog Voltage Control for ADC Input: An adjustable analog voltage source for testing the Analog to Digital converter built into the STM32F103ZE (STM3210E).
  • External Memory: The STM32F103ZE (STM3210E) board includes 1 Mbyte of external static RAM and 8 Mbytes of external SPI Flash memory.
  • MicroSD Card Connector: A MicroSD Card connector for developing applications requiring access to MicroSD Cards.
  • ETM Trace Debug: An ETM connector for on-chip debugging via the Embedded Trace Macrocell capabilities of the STM32F103 device.
  • JTAG Download and Debug: A JTAG on-chip debug interface, coupled with the ULINK USB-JTAG adapter, provides flash programming and real-time in-circuit emulation of the STM32F103 device.
Software and Examples:

Embest Provides plenty of software examples for this evaluation board, all in source code. These software examples can be debugged under the popular Keil MDK (Microcontroller Development Kit) environments, making practical use of the board's peripherals. The CDROM includes several example programs that are configured for the Embest STM32F103ZE Board. All examples are configured for two MicroVision targets at least:
  • Simulator - where the program runs in the software simulator.
  • FLASH - where the program runs from internal Flash located on the microcontroller.

All examples use the same file structure:

  • Abstract.txt contains a short description of the example.
  • STM32F10x.s contains the startup code for the microcontroller.
  • STM32_Init.[c,h] contain the initialization of the microcontroller's peripherals.
  • Example dependent source code.

Each example program is stored in a separate folder and can be copied to use under \Keil\ARM\BOARDS\Embest\STM32F103ZE\ along with project files that help you quickly build the project and run the program. All example projects and programs are available in accompanied CDROM.

Package Includes:

  • STM32F103ZE (STM3210E) ARM-CM3 Board
  • RS-232 Serial Cable / DB9 F-M 
  • USB Cable / A-B
  • TFT LCD Panel ( QVGA (240x320), 2.4" )


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