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ATMEL SAM9G45 ARM9 Board with 4.3inch Touch LCD

ATMEL SAM9G45 ARM9 Board with 4.3inch Touch LCD
ATMEL SAM9G45 ARM9 Board with 4.3inch Touch LCD
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ATMEL SAM9G45 ARM9 Board with 4.3inch Touch LCD
ATMEL SAM9G45 ARM9 Board with 4.3inch Touch LCD
ATMEL SAM9G45 ARM9 Board with 4.3inch Touch LCD
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  • Brand: Embest - China
  • Model: SBC-1474
  • Weight: 0.60kg
  • MPN: A9G4
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Description: The ATMEL SAM9G45 Board (A9G4) produced by Embest is a full-featured evaluation board based on the ATMEL's new processor C AT91SAM9G45 which runs at up to 400MHz, with 128 Mbytes DDR2 memory and 256 Mbytes SLC NAND Flash. The board provides a wide range of peripherals, including a high-speed USB host/device port, an Ethernet 10/100 interface, two high-speed SD/MMC slots and a QVGA 320x240 LCD panel with Resistive touch screen. In addition, the board supports Linux, WinCE and Android OS and offers plenty of example applications under these three OS, makes engineers easy to develop their project based on this AT91SAM9G45 processor.

Hardware Features:
  • Support Linux2.6 and WinCE6.0 OS, with free relevant board support packages (BSPs)
  • Includes one 4.3" QVGA 480x272 LCD panel with Resistive touch screen
  • CPU: Atmel AT91SAM9G45 (ARM926EJ-S Core), 400MHz
  • On-chip memory: 64KB ROM & 64KB SRAM
  • External memory: 256MBNandFlash, 2MB NorFlash, 4MB DataFlash & two 64MB DDR2 SDRAM
  • Four UART interfaces
  • One high-speed USB Host Port
  • One high-speed Host Device Port
  • One JTAG Debug Interface
  • One 10/100 Ethernet interface
  • One SD/MMC card interface
  • One Micro SD card interface
  • One IIS Audio output port
  • One IIS Audio input port
  • Two User buttons
  • One Wake-up button
  • One Reset button
  • One User LED
  • One Power LED
  • 60 I/O Pins User Extention Interface
  • Power: 5VDC from connector, with back-up battery on board
  • Working temperature: -10 to 70 Deg C
  • Dimension: 120 x 90 mm
Software Features:

There are plenty of software examples provided for you to test and debug this ATMEL SAM9G45 ARM9 board, all in source code. These software examples (as follows) can be debugged under the popular Keil MDK (Microcontroller Development Kit) environments and help with your design and development. 
  • WinCE6.0 OS Mapping, and the FirstBoot and Eboot set up from NandFlash 
  • Linux2.6.30 source code and mapping, and the UBoot set up from NandFlash 
  • Audio output test program 
  • NandFlash read/write test program 
  • NorFlash read/write test program 
  • DDR2 SDRAM read/write test program 
  • DataFlash read/write test program 
  • EEPROM read/write test program 
  • RTT Realtime timer test program 
  • RTC Realtime timer test program 
  • TWI Test program 
  • DMA transfer test program 
  • DBGU Serial interface communication test program 
  • Ethernet test program 
  • USB test program 
  • Micro SD Card Read/Write test program 
  • SD/MMC Card Read/Write test program
Package Includes:
  • 1x ATMEL SAM9G45 ARM9 Board
  • 1x IDC10 Cable
  • 1x Mini USB Cable
  • 1x 10/100 Ethernet Cable 
  • 1x DB9-IDC10 Cable 
  • 1x 20Pins-10Pins JTAG Converter 
  • 1x TFT LCD Panel (4.3 inches QVGA 480x272 LCD panel with resistive touch screen )
  • 1x Power Adapter 12V, 1.25A
  • 1x CDROM

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