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Distance Sensors

Model: SEN-3764
Overview TOF (time of flight) Laser Range Sensor (B), UART / I2C bus, long range   long range | short blind zone | stable/accurate/sensitive | indoor/outdoor   The TOF Laser Range Sensor (B) is a TOF-based (time of flight) laser ranging sensor with embedded MCU and ranging algorithm, w..
Rs 2,699.00
Model: SEN-3748 Brand: Pololu - USA
The VL53L3CX from ST Microelectronics is a long-distance ranging time-of-flight (TOF) sensor integrated into a compact module.The VL53L3CX is effectively a tiny, self-contained lidar system featuring an integrated 940 nm Class 1 laser, which is invisible and eye-safe. Unlike conventional IR sensors ..
Rs 749.00
Model: SEN-3747 Brand: Pololu - USA
This board is a 3-channel time-of-flight proximity and distance sensor module based on the OPT3101 IC from Texas Instruments. Unlike conventional IR sensors that use the intensity of reflected light to estimate the distance to an object, this board emits 940 nm infrared light pulsed at 10 MHz, and t..
Rs 2,239.00
Model: SEN-3749 Brand: Pololu - USA
The VL53L1X from ST Microelectronics is a long-distance ranging time-of-flight (TOF) sensor integrated into a compact module. This board is a carrier for the VL53L1X, so we recommend careful reading of the VL53L1X datasheet before using this product. The VL53L1X is effectively a tiny, self-containe..
Rs 799.00
Model: SEN-3745 Brand: Sparkfun - USA
The VL53L3CX is an awesome ToF (Time of Flight) range finder from STMicroelectronics, who brought us the venerable VL53L1X. It shares the same diminutive form factor as its predecessor but has learned a cool new trick: Multi-object detection! With some very fancy algorithms, the VL53L3CX is able to ..
Rs 2,999.00
Model: SEN-3734
The LIDAR-Lite v4 LED sensor is the next step in the LIDAR-Lite line. A small, lightweight, low-power optical ranging sensor. It's the first to incorporate ANT profile wireless networking technology into an optical sensor. Its built-in nRF52840 processor means that developers can create custom appli..
Rs 7,299.00
Model: SEN-3720 Brand: Sparkfun - USA
Does your project require high-precision, cutting-edge distance measurement? Or maybe speed, motion, or gesture-sensing? We're not talking about simple ultrasonic or even infrared here, but 60GHz radar! Well say hello to the SparkFun A111 Pulsed Radar Breakout! The A111 is a single-chip solution for..
Rs 4,499.00
Model: SEN-3706
LIDAR-Lite v3HP is a high-performance optical distance measurement sensor .The LIDAR-Lite v3HP is the ideal optical ranging solution for drone, robot, or unmanned vehicle applications. Each sensor is housed in a durable, IPX7-rated housing and includes all the core features and user configurability ..
Rs 13,999.00
Model: SEN-3703 Brand: Sparkfun - USA
The TFMini is a ToF (Time of Flight) LiDAR sensor capable of measuring the distance to an object as close as 30 centimeters and as far as 12 meters. As with all LiDAR sensors, your effective detection distance will vary depending on lighting conditions and the reflectivity of your target object, but..
Rs 3,299.00
Model: SEN-3698 Brand: Sparkfun - USA
The SparkFun Distance Sensor Breakout utilizes the RFD77402 3D ToF (Time of Flight) sensor module  to give you the most accurate measurements at short range. The RFD77402 uses an infrared VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) module to measure the amount of time it takes to bounce off a tar..
Rs 1,149.00
Model: SEN-3695
E18-D80nk Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor is a set of transmitter and receiver in one of the photoelectric sensor. Detection distance can be adjusted according to requirements. The sensor has a detection distance, visible interference by small, cheap, easy to assemble, easy to use features, can b..
Rs 145.00
Model: SEN-3692 Brand: Chineese
Ultra Sonic Sensor Module Hc-Sr04 is a ultrasonic ranging sensor. This economical sensor provides 2cm to 400cm of non-contact measurement functionality with a ranging accuracy that can reach up to 3mm. Each HC-SR04 module includes an ultrasonic transmitter, a receiver and a control circuit.There are..
Rs 99.00
Model: SEN-2706 Brand: Chineese
E18-D80NK Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor contains an infrared transmitter and receiver which together make up a photoelectric sensor. The sensor has a long detection distance, and has less interference by visible light because it uses modulated Infrared light. This sensor has a screwdriver adjus..
Rs 479.00
Model: SEN-3073
LIDAR-Lite v3 is a compact, high-performance optical distance measurement sensor. When space and weight requirements are tight, the LIDAR-Lite v3 soars. The LIDAR-Lite v3 is the ideal solution for drone, robot or unmanned vehicle applications. This easy to use 40-meter laser-based optical ranging se..
Rs 13,999.00
Model: ROB-3031 Brand: Pololu - USA
VL53L0X Time-of-Flight Distance Sensor break out board is a carrier/breakout board for ST’s VL53L0X laser-ranging sensor, which measures the range to a target object up to 2 m away. The VL53L0X uses time-of-flight measurements of infrared pulses for ranging, allowing it to give accurate results inde..
Rs 999.00
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