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Model: RAS-3152
Description: This is a high Quality ABS Plastic Case for the Raspberry Pi. It fully encloses the Raspberry Pi Board with openings for all I/O ports - GPIO pins, Camera / PCI Connector, HDMI, Memory Card, USB and Ethernet Connector. This case comes in two piece construction, base and cover, with a sm..
Rs 169.00
Model: RAS-3437
Description: Raspberry Pi 4 case is made of strong ABS plastic material with Red-White combination and meticulously designed for Pi 4. It will provide adequate protection for Pi and access to all the ports. A Raspberry LOGO engraved on the white top of the cover .The Power and activity lights still ..
Rs 118.00
Model: RAS-3433
Overview DIN rail ABS case for Raspberry Pi 4, large inner space, injection moduling   DIN rail ABS Case for Raspberry Pi 4 DIN rail mount support, ABS material, clear top window, large inner space DIN Rail Mount Support Injection Moduling ABS Body With Rail Mount Support, E..
Rs 499.00
Model: RAS-3436 Brand: Waveshare
Overview ABS protection Case for Raspberry Pi Zero series, fits Zero / Zero 2 W Designed for Raspberry Pi Zero series Compatible with Zero / Zero W / Zero 2 W   for reference only, Raspberry Pi Zero is NOT included. Precise Opening Design Reversed GPIO slot and ope..
Rs 279.00
Model: RAS-3434
Overview DIN rail Aluminum Case for Raspberry Pi 4, with cooling fan and heatsinks   Comes with cooling fan and heatsinks Industrial grade, DIN rail mount support Industrial grade DIN rail mounting DIN rail mount design, easy-to-use for reference only, Raspberry Pi ..
Rs 1,099.00
Model: DEV-3370 Brand: Sparkfun - USA
Overview   The Servo pHAT for Raspberry Pi - Sparkfun allows your Raspberry Pi to control up to 16 servo motors in a straightforward and uncomplicated manner via an I2C connection. Thanks to its I2C capabilities, this PWM HAT saves the Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins, allowing you to use them for other p..
Rs 1,099.00
Model: RAS-3431 Brand: Waveshare
Overview Power Over Ethernet HAT (Type D) For Raspberry Pi 3B+/4B, 802.3af-Compliant, Tailored For Raspberry Pi Official Case   POE HAT FOR RASPBERRY PI   Power Over Ethernet HAT For Raspberry Pi 3B+/4B, 802.3af - Compliant, Tailored for Raspberry Pi official case   Features:   The Po..
Rs 1,412.00
Model: RAS-3430 Brand: Waveshare
Overview 2-Channel RS232 Module For Raspberry Pi Pico, SP3232EEN Transceiver, UART To RS232     2-Channel RS232 Module For Pico Incorporates RS232 Transceiver SP3232EEN, Using UART Bus       Features:   Standard Raspberry Pi Pico header, supports Raspberry Pi Pico series Using UA..
Rs 499.00
Model: RAS-3429 Brand: Waveshare
Overview Raspberry Pi PoE+ HAT, Compatible With Raspberry Pi 3B+/4B, 802.3af/at Power-Sourcing Equipment Required.  The Raspberry Pi PoE+ HAT is a Power Over Ethernet (PoE+) accessory for the Raspberry Pi 3B+/4B. Compared to its predecessor Raspberry Pi PoE HAT, it features better cooling effect, ..
Rs 3,309.00
Model: RAS-3424 Brand: Waveshare
Raspberry Pi 400 GPIO Header Adapter, Header Expansion Designed for Raspberry Pi 400: Color-Coded Header, Easy Expansion: Outline Dimensions: Package Includes: 1x PI400-GPIO-ADAPTER-A 1x Screws pack Note: Image for reference only, expansion boards are NOT included...
Rs 284.00
Model: RAS-3423 Brand: Waveshare
Raspberry Pi 400 GPIO Header Adapter, Header Expansion, 2x 40PIN Header Designed for Raspberry Pi 400 Color-Coded Header, Easy Expansion Outline Dimensions: Package Includes: 1x PI400-GPIO-ADAPTER-B 1x Screws pack Note: Image for reference only, expansion boards are NOT include..
Rs 389.00
Model: RAS-3427 Brand: Waveshare
Quality Industrial Zoom Lens, 8-50mm Adjustable Focal Length, Adjustable Angle of View, C-mount, Compatible with Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera Flexible zoom in & out, 8-50mm adjustable focal length, flexible photo composition at your will Fitting to the Camera, fitting the lens to Raspberry Pi ..
Rs 4,299.00
Model: RAS-3425 Brand: Waveshare
High-Precision AD HAT for Raspberry Pi, ADS1263 10-ch 32-bit ADC Features: Adopts ADS1263 chip, low noise, low-temperature drift, 10-ch 32-bit high precision ADC (5-ch differential input), 38.4kSPS Max sampling rate with embedded 24-bit auxiliary ADC, internal ADC test signal, IDAC, 2.5V intern..
Rs 1,899.00
Model: RAS-3422 Brand: Waveshare
Metal Box (A) Designed For Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 IO Board, Comes With Cooling Fan Metal Box For CM4 IO Board Type A Designed For Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 IO Board Mini Computer Chassis, Robust And Dust-Proof, Nice Looking   Tailored For Compute Module 4 IO Board Make It Eas..
Rs 1,099.00
Model: RAS-3428 Brand: Waveshare
IMX219-160 8MP IR-CUT Camera, IR-CUT Infrared Night Vision, 162° FOV, Applicable for Jetson Nano / Compute Module. 8MP IR-CUT CAMERA MODULE IMX219 Sensor, 8MP, Comes with Infrared LEDs Embedded IR-CUT, eliminating the reddish issue of normal IR Cameras on day light Specifications: Pixels:..
Rs 2,399.00
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