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NXP LPC1114 Starter Kit + Debugger

NXP LPC1114 Starter Kit + Debugger
NXP LPC1114 Starter Kit + Debugger
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  • Brand: Embest - China
  • Model: QSB-1472
  • Weight: 0.70kg
  • MPN: EM-LPC1100L
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Description: The LPC1114 Starter Kit (P11L) produced by Embest is a brand new and low cost full-featured evaluation kit based on the NXP LPC1100 Cortex-M0 Series processor. The target board works at up to 50MHz, supports the RS485 Mode and integrates power management Unit (PMU). In addition, the board features a wide range of peripherals, including UART interface, eight channels 10bit ADC, two 16bit timers, two 32bit timers, SSP, I2C.

The kit also integrates a smart and easy-to-use Colink2 JTAG Debugger. It is a good platform for application development and the first choice for learners.
  • Integrates one LPC1114 Target Board and one smart JTAG Debugger
  • Brand new, complete functions but very low cost
  • Features NXP LPC1114FBD48 processor, based on 32bit ARM Cortex-M0, 50MHz
The LPC1114 Starter Kit integrates the NXP LPC1114FBD48 processor which is used high-performance ARM Cortex-M0 32bit RISC kernel, works at up to 50MHz and belongs to the LPC1100 Series Microcontrollers. The LPC1100 Series works in the temperature range from minus 65 Celsius degrees to 150 Celsius degrees, and its power voltage is from 2.0V to 3.6V. The various power saving modes highlight its low power consumption feature.

The comprehensive peripherals of the LPC1114 processor make it suitable for a variety of applications like
  • Motor driver and application control
  • PC peripherals
  • Alarm system
  • Kit Features:
    • LPC1114 32bit RISC processor, based on ARM Cortex-M0, 50MHz
    • Eight LEDS
    • One Power Indicator
    • One BOOT Key-press
    • One RESET Key-press
    • 48pins IO extension One UART, supporting RS-485/EIA-485
    • SSP Interface
    • I2C Interface
    • Eight Channels 10bits ADC Module
    • One 10pins SWD Debugging Interface
    • One temperature sensor
  • USB JTAG Debugger Features
    • Only support LPC1100 Series currently(Can support other Cortex-M0/M3 MCU later)
    • Support SW/JTAG debug and Download
    • Download speed up to 110Kb/s
    • flexible debugging socket, support 20/10/8 pins connector
    • Support Keil MDK and CooCox full series software
Note: For debugging use SW debug, the LPC1114 need to run at 50MHz frequency.

Package Includes:
  • 1x LPC1114LK Development Board
  • 1x UART DB9 to DIP cable
  • 1x MINI USB Cable
  • 1x Serial Port Cable
  • 1x CD-ROM with Examples
There are plenty of documentations and materials in the CD-ROM of this NXP LPC1114 Starter Kitt, such as users manual, datasheets, software, example programs, and so on.


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