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ScanaLogic 2

ScanaLogic 2
ScanaLogic 2
ScanaLogic 2
ScanaLogic 2
ScanaLogic 2
ScanaLogic 2
ScanaLogic 2
ScanaLogic 2
ScanaLogic 2
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  • Brand: ikaLogic
  • Model: TOL-1641
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ScanaLogic 2 is all new Logic Analyzer and Signal Generator. If you're searching for a simple, easy to use but complete Logic Analyzer, then we've got what you need! SCANALOGIC 2 is not only a logic analyzer, but it's also a comprehensive digital signal generator, giving you a complete lab tool, all in one tiny package! It introduces a new useful feature, that we called the mixed mode, allowing you to generate/playback digital signals, while recording the response on other channels, all at the same time! It Provides computer-independent performances and timings. SCANALOGIC 2 provides a firm 20MSPS based on an on-device quartz oscillator. Sampling rate will never be compromised by the performance of your computer!

What can SCANALOGIC 2 do?
   The user interface is as intuitive as you would expect. Right-clicks here and there gives you the options you'd expect, like to add a marker, move it or delete it. Navigating through the chart area makes use of the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. You can even hold the CTRL key to zoom in and out faster! Left mouse button lets you pan the waveform right and left.

You can Capture and analyze signals!

 It supports:

  • Serial protocols sampling, decoding, debugging and analysis (like UART, SPI, I2C, 1-Wire, maple bus...).
  • Analysis of PWM signals, their frequencies and envelopes (Using the Fourier analysis feature).
  • Monitor logic changes on digital signal lines.
  • Store the captured data on files, to send them over the internet to other users or for later playback!
  • Captures images of the signals with all the timings, decoded data and markers.
  • The Dual View features allows you can easily visually compare different data captures.
  • You can Record serial data and play it back, as simply as you would record & playback a speech! You can Generate your own data!
  • Generate all kind of PWM (pulse width modulation) signals to control motors drivers, RGB LEDs or other devices.
  • Generate all kinds of FM (frequency modulation) signals. Can be used to test speakers or for ultrasound detection systems testing.
  • Generate Serial data and pulses sequences to test your equipment/project using a very user friendly syntax.

With all those features, SCANALOGIC 2 will become for you an indispensable lab tool that you will carry everywhere!

Technical specifications of ScanaLogic 2:

Hardware Features:

  • Maximum input voltage  5.5V
  • Minimum input voltage  -0.7V
  • Support 2V, 2.8V, 3.3V, 3.6V and 5V logic levels  
  • Works on USB (1 & 2) without any drivers needed  
  • 20 Million Samples Per Seconds  
  • Ultra precise quartz based timings  
  • Maximum sampling buffer per channel 256K
  • 4 channels Capture mode  
  • 4 channels generator / playback  
  • 2 channels record + 2 channels playback in mixed mode  
  • Trigger position from 0% to 100% of the sampling depth  
  • Trigger on Falling edge, Rising edge or Logic state change  
  • Firmware upgrade feature for future evolutions  
  • Live scrolling mode with 50, 100 and 250ms refresh rate.  

Software Features:

  • Mouse-wheel zooming and panning  
  • Unlimited markers and time measurements  
  • Data generator allowing to generate different types of sequences  
  • Flexible 4 channels PWM and FM sequences generator (Variable Phase, Envelope and carrier)  
  • Save/load captured data for later visualization  
  • Save/load captured data for later playback  
  • Image export feature to facilitate technical report writing  
  • FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) allowing in depth frequency analysis  
  • Software update feature for future evolutions  
  • Parameters and configuration auto-saving  
  • Possibility to configure colors for better visual appearance  
  • Dual data view mode (to compare between two data captures)



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