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Papilio Pro

Papilio Pro
Papilio Pro
Papilio Pro
Papilio Pro
Papilio Pro
Papilio Pro
Papilio Pro
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  • Brand: Gadget Factory
  • Model: QSB-2563
  • Weight: 0.05kg
  • MPN: BPC3011-1.3-LX9
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Description: As the most powerful development board in Papilio series, Papilio Pro is based on Xilinx Spartan 6 LX FPGA. It offers exciting new features over the Papilio One, including 64Mb SDRAM, 64K Block SRAM, DSP Slices, Clock Management Tile, Multi-Boot,  and an efficient switching power supply.

The Papilio Pro is a powerful, open-source, expandable development board perfect for the design and prototyping of your unique ideas.  You can customize the capabilities of the Papilio with snap-on modular expansions called Wings (similar to Arduino shields) which provide added functionality to the board, and simultaneously expand the creative possibilities!

At its heart, the Papilio Pro has a Xilinx Spartan 6 LX9 FPGA chip, providing a plentiful amount of digital logic to quickly get your prototyping off the ground.  In addition, you can code for the FPGA using established development tools, or you can use Gadget Factory's custom Arduino IDE to easily write Arduino code and upload it to the AVR8 soft processor!
  • Spartan 6 LX9 FPGA
  • High efficiency LTC3419 Step Down Dual Voltage Regulator
  • Dual Channel FTDI FT2232 USB 2.0 Full Speed Interface
  • 64Mbit Micron MT48LC4M16 SDRAM
  • 64Mbit Macronix MX25L6445 SPI Flash
  • 48 I/O pins arranged in a Papilio Wing form factor
  • 32Mhz Crystal Oscillator
Package includes:
  • 1x Papilio Pro

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