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GPS USB Dongle with Antenna v2

GPS USB Dongle with Antenna v2
GPS USB Dongle with Antenna v2
GPS USB Dongle with Antenna v2
GPS USB Dongle with Antenna v2
GPS USB Dongle with Antenna v2
GPS USB Dongle with Antenna v2
GPS USB Dongle with Antenna v2
GPS USB Dongle with Antenna v2
GPS USB Dongle with Antenna v2
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  • Brand: rhydoLABZ
  • Model: GPS-2594
  • Weight: 0.04kg
  • MPN: GPS-2594
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Description: This is a high gain GPS Receiver in dongle form factor, made with ultra compact POT (Patch On Top) GPS Module - FGPMMOPA6C. There is no prior configurations required, plug it into USB port of your Laptop with necessary drivers, and the GPS data (NMEA 0183) will be available on any terminal program (Hyper terminal,Real term etc)!. This is a stand alone GPS Module and requires no external components. Power is drawn from the USB port itself. It has a very compact and easy to integrate design with the ultimate tracking performance.

Dongle outputs standard NMEA0183 strings in “raw” mode which includes current time, date, latitude, longitude, speed, altitude and travel direction / heading among other data, and can be used in a host of applications, including navigation, tracking systems, fleet management, mapping and robotics. Onboard FGPMMOPA6C utilizes the new generation GPS Chipset MT3339 from MediaTek in its core aiding it to achieve industry’s highest level of sensitivity (‐165dBm) and instant Time‐to‐First Fix (TTFF) with lowest power consumption for precise GPS signal processing to give the ultra ‐precise positioning under low receptive, high velocity conditions.

Ultimately this dongle supports up to 210 PRN channels with 66 search channels and 22 simultaneous tracking channels, supports various location and navigation applications, including autonomous GPS, SBAS(when update rate is less than or equal to 5Hz) ranging (WAAS,EGNO,GAGAN,MSAS), AGPS. It has excellent low power consumption characteristic (acquisition 82mW, tracking 66mW), for power sensitive devices, especially portable applications, user need not worry about operating time anymore and can get more fun.


  • Built ‐ in 15X15X4mm ceramic patch antenna on the top of module
  • Ultra ‐ High Sensitivity:  ‐ 165dBm(w/o patch antenna), up to 45dB C/N of SVs in open sky reception.
  • High Update Rate: up to 10Hz
  • Onboard MIC5219 Low Dropout Voltage Regulator
  • Added Ferrite bead for power noise reduction
  • Onboard optional connection for RTC backup power (2.0V~4.3V)
  • 12 multi ‐ tone active interference canceler
  • High accuracy 1 ‐ PPS timing support for Timing Applications (10ns jitter)
  • AGPS Support for Fast TTFF
  • Self‐Generated Orbit Prediction for instant positioning fix
  • Intelligent Algorithm (Advance Power Periodic Mode) for power saving
  • Logger function Embedded
  • 3D Fix Flag Indication and Power indication LEDs
  • Provision for software command input and firmware update.
  • USB interface over CP2102
  • High quality PTH PCB
Parameter Description
GPS Solution FGPMMOPA6C Based on MTK MT3339
Frequency L1, 1575.42MHz
Sensitivity Acquisition: ‐148dBm,cold start
Reacquisition: ‐163dBm,Hot start
Tracking: ‐165dBm
Channel 66 channels
TTFF Hot start: 1 second typical 
Warm start: 33 seconds typical
Cold start: 35 seconds typical
Position Accuracy Without aid: 0.1m/s
Acceleration Accuracy Without aid:0.1 m/s2
Timing Accuracy (1PPS Output) 10ns RMS
Altitude Maximum 18,000m (60,000 feet)
Velocity Maximum 515m/s (1000 knots)
Acceleration Maximum 4G
Update Rate 1Hz (default), maximum 10Hz
Baud Rate 9600 bps (default)
AGPS Support
VBACKUP 2.0V to 4.3V
Current Consumption 25mA acquisition, 20mA tracking
Working Temperature ‐40°C to +85°C

  • Length: 58mm
  • Width: 18mm
  • Height: 8mm
Package Includes:
  • 1 x GPS USB Dongle With Antenna v2
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