RFID Access Control Shield with ID12

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Description: This RFID Shield(ID12) made by rhydoLABZ helps you to develop the RFID Based AccesControll systems using Arduinos. The shield include almost everything an acces controll system needs. The onboard Relay driving circuitry help you to connect external relays to drive the magnetic lockS, solinoid valve ect.The Built in 5v buzzer can be used for indicating the RFID card accepatance, like single beep for card acceptance and double beep for rejection or vice versa.All other RFID module pins are brought out at 4 pin RMC connector.

The Relay control pins are available at another 4 pin RMC connector with separate power for relay.There is an board LED which shows the status of the relay as well as other two LEDs required for the RFID module. The New Shield is compatible with Arduino Due,which require 3V3 as interfacing voltage as well as all other Arduino boards and its clones. It is based on Arduino R3 layout with additional pins.This unit is populated with the ID12 RFID module ,but you can use this shield to incorporate other modules like ID20 etc.

The shield is provided with a DPDT sliding switch which helps RFID module connect either to PC via USB or to UART Pins of Arduino microcontroller. This feature helps you to configure or test the RFID module before using it in your project.No need for separate RFID development board.The shield also populated with selectable voltage devider resistor for level shifting (5V to 3V3) on the RXD & TXD pin , to connect the shield with 3v3 compatible boards like Arduino DUE ect..There is another onboard option(Jumper Selectable)is provided which allows you to connect RFID module to either Digital UART or Software UART pins of the Arduino.  The shield does  come with headers installed, So no Soldering required at all , just plug and play

Note: Unit comes with interfacing voltage selection jumper(J9) set to 5v by default, for connecting to boards with 3V3 voltage reference, user has to change this to 3v3

  • Compatible with all Arduinos including latest Arduino Due
  • Onboard DPDT switch allows you to select the destination for
  • RFID Output (PC or Arduino)
  • Professionally Designed Double sided PTH PCB
  • Can be use as RFID development board
  • Mounts directly onto your Arduinos
  • Selectable level Shifting (5V & 3V3)
  • Onboard Relay Driver Circuitry with RMC connector
  • Onboard Buzzer for Audio alert
  • RMC Connector for connecting External Antenna
  • 4pin RMC connector for other pins of Module (WIEGAND)
  • Arduino Reset button brought out at shield for easy accessibility.
  • 3 LEDS ,Power, Relay Status and Card present (CP)
  • 5V supply
  • 125kHz read frequency
  • EM4001 64-bit RFID tag compatible
  • 9600bps ASCII output
  • Wiegand Output
  • Magnetic stripe emulation output
  • 100mm read range
  • Length: 2.7"
  • Width: 2.1"
Package Includes:
  • 1x RFID Access Control Shield with ID12
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