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GPS Shield with GPS- A6B (rhydoLABZ)

GPS Shield with GPS- A6B (rhydoLABZ)
GPS Shield with GPS- A6B (rhydoLABZ)
GPS Shield with GPS- A6B (rhydoLABZ)
GPS Shield with GPS- A6B (rhydoLABZ)
GPS Shield with GPS- A6B (rhydoLABZ)
GPS Shield with GPS- A6B (rhydoLABZ)
GPS Shield with GPS- A6B (rhydoLABZ)
GPS Shield with GPS- A6B (rhydoLABZ)
GPS Shield with GPS- A6B (rhydoLABZ)
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  • Brand: rhydoLABZ
  • Model: ARD-2116
  • Weight: 0.05kg
  • MPN: ARD-2116
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 With this GPS Shield populated with GPS module from rhydoLABZ you can add GPS functionality to your Arduino or you can receive the NMEA data on your PC/Laptop with a easiness of sliding a switch. A footprints for popular EM-406 GPS receiver , EM-408,PA4 GPS and EB-85A connectors are also made available (connectors are not soldered on or included ).This GPS shield is based on the latest Arduino R3 Layout with aditional pins and is compatible to latest Arduino DUE which requires 3V3 as well as all other Arduinos and clones @ 5V.There is an board level converter for this purpose .level conversion is achieved by 3 state buffer IC and MOSFET Level converter instead of normal Resistive voltage deviders.
The DPDT switch(SW1) switches the GPS module's input/output between Arduino's and USB Transceiver so as to get NMEA data on PC via USB connector on ARDUINO board. This feature help you to verify the GPS data and test its functionalities before doing and coding on arduino. Apart from this an onboard PCB jumper is provided at the bottom of PCB to select the Digital UART or Software UART on ARDUINO.Power to the GPS module is taken from Arduino board throgh 3v3 LDO Voltage Regulator. Finally, the Arduino reset switch is also brought out at the PCB for your easy access.

The board also includes LEDs to indicate power and activity on RXD, TXD, 3D Fix pins The Arduino's reset button is brought out on the shield.The shield does  come with headers installed, So no Soldering required at all , just plug and play!! 


  • Compatible with all Arduinos including latest Arduino Due
  • Onboard A6B GPS Receiver
  • Can be use as GPS development board
  • Mounts directly onto your Arduinos
  • Selectable level Shifting (5V & 3V3)
  • 3.3V power regulation and level shifting on-board
  • Reset button brought out
  • Power, RXD, TXD, 3DFix indicator LEDs
  • EM-406 Footprint and Filter caps on board
  • EM-408 Footprint and Filter caps on board
  • EB-85A Footprint and Filter caps on board
  • Arduino R3 sized shield - Suitable for present and future arduinos as well.
  • Arduino reset button
  • DPDT switch controls the GPS Connectivity either to Arduino or to USB


  • Length: 2.7"
  • Width: 2.1"

Package includes:

  • 1x GPS Shield with GPS- A6B


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