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Robot Controller Mini

Robot Controller Mini
Robot Controller Mini
Robot Controller Mini
Robot Controller Mini
Robot Controller Mini
Robot Controller Mini
Robot Controller Mini
Robot Controller Mini
Robot Controller Mini
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  • Brand: rhydoLABZ
  • Model: ROB-3303
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The Robot Controller Mini from Rhydolabz is a very compact solution for controlling upto 9 servomotors and 2 DC motors or 5 Digital I/O (Servo motors), 4 Analog Sensors and 2 DC Motors . The onboard host microcontroller ATMEGA328P running at 16MHz clock controls the Servos, Sensors and DC motors. The chip comes with Arduino boot loader which allows to download the hex code serially ( via USB using a FTDI basic breakout board). There is a 6 pin FTDI connector with DTR, TXD, RXD, +5V, NC, GND for communication which can be used for communication as well as serial programming of MCU. The motor driver used onboard is TB6612FNG which can control 2 DC Motors having current rating of 1A. This Robot controller board is populated with XBEE compatible Connectors, which can be used for wireless control/monitoring using XBEE (zigbee), Bluebee (bluetooth) modules. To interface with XBEE modules operating at 3.3V, MOSFET based onboard level convertors are incorporated. It means that, this controller can receive signals from any devices like micro controller, PC's, Laptops, smartphones etc.

There are 2 push button switches on the board, an arduino reset switch and a user programmable switch connected to an I/O Pin. The user programmable switch is connected to D10 pin of ATMEGA 328P. An user controllable LED is connected to D11 via onboard. Solder jumper J12 apart from the power LED. There is an onboard provision for 5V buzzer interface connected to D13 via on-board user selectable solder jumper J16 and transistor. But it is not populated normally ,supplied along with board, so as to solder by user if desired. The ISP connector on the board allows to bootload host controller.

Labelled multi-colour male berg strip connectors enable to plug in the servos with ease. The signal pins are directly connected to the port pins of MCU. The pin which controls each servo is labelled on the front side of the board. 2-pin berg strip connector is used to supply working voltage for servo. Since it goes directly without regulator it is necessary to provide only the sufficient voltage (within the range of servo voltage).

The module can be powered up through 2 pin RMC connector having reverse polarity protection. 5V and 3.3V onboard voltage regulators are provided to power the microcontroller and sensors. The user has to ensure that the power source is capable of providing enough current that is capable of driving the load (motors).This module can be used to drive two DC motors. Three 2 pin RMC connectors are mounted on top of the board. One is used to provide working voltage for DC Motors. The other two 2-pin RMC connectors can be used to drive the motor.


Features of The Robot controller Mini :

  • The robot controller allows to control upto 9 servo motors + 2 DC motors or 5 Digital I/O (Servo motors), 4 Analog Sensors + 2 DC Motors .
  • The Robot Controller Mini can be used to drive two DC motors.
  • TB6612FNG is the driver IC for 1A DC motor.
  • Onboard Reverse polarity protection.
  • Option for XBEE/Bluetooth based Wireless with Robot Controller.
  • 6-pin ISP Connector, to bootload the MCU or to program the MCU directly without bootloader.
  • 6-Pin FTDI connector for communication using a USB – TTL converter/RS232 – TTL converter.

Specifications of Robot Controller Mini:

  • Onboard chip ATMEGA 328P running at 16MHz clock.
  • On-board 5V Low dropout Regulator for Microcontroller ans sensors.
  • On-board 3.3V regulator and MOSFET Based level converter circuitry for Zigbee.
  • The berg strips for servomotors are of different colours for easy identification.
  • There are 2 push button switches on the board, RESET and an user programmable switch.
  • Buzzer interface.
  • Supply voltage range: 6-12V DC.
  • DC Motor voltage: 2.5 - 13.5 V.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Robot Controller Mini
  • 4 x 2 pin RMC connector
  • 1 x 5V Buzzer

Development Resources:

Note: If you are looking for extra features, kindly have a look into Robot Controller Mini (3 Axis Accelerometer+GYRO+Magnetometer).


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