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Robonova -1

Robonova -1
Robonova -1
Robonova -1
Robonova -1
Robonova -1
Robonova -1
Robonova -1
Robonova -1
Robonova -1
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  • Brand: Hitec
  • Model: ROB-1390
  • Weight: 3.00kg
Rs 75,072.00
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Description: Robonova-1 humanoid robot kit from Korean RC-servo company Hitec was introduced to the Japanese market a year after KHR-1 humanoid robot kit was first launched from competitor company Kondo.Robonova comes in a very nicely planned and finished box about 30x40x10cm weighing about 2.5kg. The CE logo appears on the side of the box. This is an indication of one major evolution from Kondo's KHR-1.


  • Available in kit form
  • Also available as ready to walk (see options)
  • Exciting 16 degree-of-freedom humanoid robot kit offers a complete robot package
  • Can be retrofitted with several accessory modules
  • Can walk, run, do flips, cartwheels, dance moves 
  • Once programmed, ready to compete in any Robo One Class “J” competition
The beginners to robot programming will be pleased to use the RoboScript programming software supplied with the Hitec Robonova-1 Kit with Roboremocon. Without knowing any programming language at all, users can create operational subroutines with the "click of a mouse". The RoboBasic is a programming tool based on the BASIC programming language and is provided for more advanced users.

The Catch & Play Function allows a simple way to program ROBONOVA-1. Using RoboScript or RoboBasic, just move the robot into any position and click the mouse to "capture" that position. Move the robot into another position and repeat the process. The software then links these "captured" positions and once activated, smoothly transitions the robots movements through these programmed positions. ROBONOVA-1 can be retrofitted with several accessory modules and ancillary items to customize its functionality.

Package Contents:

The Hitec Robonova-1 Kit with Roboremocon contains a detailed English manual and all components necessary to build, program and operate your own Robo One “J” class humanoid robot:

  • MR-3024 Micro controller board for 24 servos 
  • Sixteen digital HSR-8498HB servos 
  • Robonova Frame Set and Screws
  • Re-chargeable NiMH battery and charger 
  • Robo Basic programming software and manual 
  • PC Serial port programming interface cable 
  • Remocon IR controller


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