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R-Bot Robot Chassis with servo pan kit

R-Bot Robot Chassis with servo pan kit
R-Bot Robot Chassis with servo pan kit
R-Bot Robot Chassis with servo pan kit
R-Bot Robot Chassis with servo pan kit
R-Bot Robot Chassis with servo pan kit
R-Bot Robot Chassis with servo pan kit
R-Bot Robot Chassis with servo pan kit
R-Bot Robot Chassis with servo pan kit
R-Bot Robot Chassis with servo pan kit
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  • Brand: rhydoLABZ
  • Model: ROB-2580
  • Weight: 0.50kg
  • MPN: ROB-2580
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The R-Bot robotic chassis is a light weight, low cost, compact, medium capacity multipurpose robotic chassis which provides a great opportunity for rookies as well as pros to quench at least a bit of their limitless robotic passion carvings.

R-Bot is cut out of a 3mm acrylic sheet with 15 cm diameter which provides a strong and rigid platform to build a robotic chassis. Apart from bottom and top layer, an intermediate layer provides space for accessories like battery pack and more. Design is simple making it easy to assemble even for a school going kid and the circular design makes sure that the chassis doesn’t get stuck at corners.

Two plastic geared DC motors with two premium quality rubber gripped plastic wheels powers the chassis along with a ball caster wheel for support. Top plate holds a micro servo motor with its pan head can hold proximity sensor like SHARP IR or RhydoLabz® ECHO Ultrasonic. The pan head can also be attached to the uppermost plate without using servo motor depending upon the application. An array holder is also provided with R-Bot capable of holding IR sensor arrays of various dimensions like Pololu QTR Reflectance sensor arrays.

Bottom and middle layer have just enough space to accommodate 2 4xAAA battery holders. But if the user wishes to add the top plate, there will be plenty of space to hold these battery holders. It simply means that the entire chassis is customizable as per the user’s choice; i.e. except the bottom layer, top and middle could be interchanged.

R-Bot always welcomes add-ons enhancing its features like providing multiple pan heads, array holds, and extra plate to increase payload capabilities and also an extra caster ball wheel can be provided to increase to stability of the chassis. Once fully assembled, it could be easily interfaced with a quick start board or an  Arduino™ development platform.


  • Strong 3mm acrylic body parts
  • Kit include all necessary robotic parts
  • 4 X AA battery holder available
  • Do not struck at corners because of Round shape
  • Enormous space between middle & bottom chassis
  • Six Pan head slots are provided around the top chassis
  • R-Bot can be use with and without middle chassis
  • Options for different types of sensors like Echo ultrasonic, pololu QTR Reflectance sensor arrays

Basic applications of this robotic kit are:

  • Line tracking
  • Wireless/wired controlling
  • Wall hugging
  • Autonomous obstacle avoidance
  • Maze solving mouse


  • DC motor (100RPM BO1 Plastic Gear Motor)
    • Operating Voltage 3V-12V DC
    • RPM 100rpm
    • No load Current 40-80 mA
    • Output Torque : 4 Kg-cm
  • Wheel (BO Motor Tyre with Grip -3mm Shaft (70mm X 8 mm))
    • 70MM Diameter
    • 8MM Width
    • Wrapped with Rubber Track  for maximum Grip
  • Servo Motor(FS90 Micro 1.3kg Torque Analog Plastic geared Servo)
    • Operating voltage 4.8-6V DC
    • Operating Angle 120°
    • Operating Speed:
      • 0.12sec/60° (4.8V)
      • 0.10sec/60° (6V)
    • Small Torque:
  • Toggle Switch
    • Double Pole Double Through
    • Rated Current 3A
    • Rated Voltage 50V


  • Length 150mm(excluding array hold)
  • Width  150mm
  • Height 80mm (excluding servo & pan head)

Parts included are:


Note: For immediate orders, Battery Holder 4xAA  (2X2) replaces Battery Holder - 4 X AAA (2X2)  shown in the featured image

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