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Qduino Mini

Qduino Mini
Qduino Mini
Qduino Mini
Qduino Mini
Qduino Mini
Qduino Mini
Qduino Mini
Qduino Mini
Qduino Mini
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  • Brand: Sparkfun - USA
  • Model: ARD-2767
  • Weight: 0.03kg
  • MPN: DEV-13614
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Its super small, simple & inexpensive. The Qduino Mini is perfect to embed in your electronics projects. It is arduino compatible & is fully open source. It has got a battery connector & charger built-in, & a fuel gauge that can tell you when to charge the battery!

All of the design files, including EAGLE board files, schematic, and code have been released under an open source license. So, with all those libraries, schematic & design files, programming with Qduino Mini should be simple. It is capable of stand alone applications if connected to a battery & increases the ease of use with the help of the battery charger & the battery gauge circuit on board.

Here's what it includes:

  • Battery Charger Circuit - just plug in USB and it charges the battery with the auto switching circuit - there's no extra charger needed & no digging the battery out of your project so you can charge & program at the same time over USB!
  • Battery Fuel Gauge - guessing on when your project runs out of juice?  We've got you covered - we have a simple monitor library for your battery so you can remind yourself when it needs a little extra juice.
  • Ultra small, Ultra thin, Ultra light - The Qduino Mini itself is 0.8in x 1.5in (2cm x 3.9cm) & 0.18oz (5 grams), perfect for quadcopters, drones or high altitude balloon projects.  Both the Qduino Mini and the batteries (LiPos) used to power the board fit are super compact & thin, just right for embedding in your projects.

Qduino Mini is also breadboard compatible and has two RGB LEDs. One for status and another that is user programmable!


  • Please be sure to double check your board type before uploading to make sure you have “Qduino Mini” selected in the IDE. Otherwise, you could potentially brick your new Qduino board.
  • A portion of each sale is given back to Quin Etnyre of Qtechknow for continued development into the world of electronics.


  • ATmega32U4 Processor
  • 32KB Flash Storage
  • 2.5KB SRAM
  • 3.3V @ 8MHz
  • 26 Digital I/O // 13 Dedicated
  • 12 Analog Channels // 6 Dedicated
  • 7 Digital I/O also PWM channels
  • SPI, I2C, UART available
  • Two RGB LEDs built-in - one for: Charge Status, TX, RX, and the other user programmable
  • AP2112K 3.3V 600mA Regulator
  • MCP73831 LiPo Battery Charger
  • MAX17048 LiPo Battery Fuel Gauge

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Qduino Mini (without headers)

Documents & Downloads:

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