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Description: The Gertboard is an add-on GPIO expansion and experimenter board for Raspberry Pi. It comes with a large variety of components, including buttons, LEDs, A/D and D/A converters, a motor controller, and an Atmel ATmega328 AVR microcontroller which you can program using the standard Arduino IDE (with some minor modifications). The Gertboard was designed by Gert van Loo, hence the name!

Operation of the Gertboard is relatively straightforward. A ribbon cable connects the Raspberry Pi to the Gertboard. This is then broken out with a row of pins, so every GPIO signal is avalable for your use. Some of these pins can be directly jumper-ed via standard 2-pin jumper links to on-board functions – e.g. with a pair of 2-pin jumpers, the serial Rx and Tx can be connected directly to the ATmega’s Tx and Rx respectively, and with a few more 2-pin jumpers, the SPI pins can be jumper-ed to the Gertboard SPI peripherals. The other pins are available for your own use, or to connect to other devices on the Gertboard itself.

One important (and good!) point to note is that all these functions can be accessed from either the Raspberry Pi or the ATmega microcontroller, so you can use the Pi to command the ATmega if you need additional PWM outputs for example (The Pi only has one PWM output), or to use the analog inputs on the ATmega, and so on.

Kit Includes:
  • 1 x Fully Assembled Gertboard
  • 1 x Software CD (Open Source ARM Cortex M Dev Tools)
  • 10 x Female to Female Jumper Wires
  • 18 x On board Patch Clips
  • 6 x Plastic Stand Feet
  • Plugs directly onto Raspberry Pi GPIO socket
  • Motor controller, capable controlling a motor bi-directionally, delivering 18V and 2A maximum
  • Dual-channel D-to-A converter, 8-bit
  • Dual-channel A-to-D converter, 10-bit
  • Onboard Atmel ATmega328 MCU for running off-board programs which are written, compiled and uploaded to Gertboard from Raspberry Pi
  • 6 x open collector outputs
  • 12 x LED indicators
  • 3 x momentary push switches
  • 10 x strap cables included
  • 18 x jumpers included

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