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Breadboard Power Supply

Breadboard Power Supply
Breadboard Power Supply
Breadboard Power Supply
Breadboard Power Supply
Breadboard Power Supply
Breadboard Power Supply
Breadboard Power Supply
Breadboard Power Supply
Breadboard Power Supply
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  • Brand: Chineese
  • Model: PRT-2345
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The is a breadboard power supply module which provides dual 5 V and 3.3 V power rails, and has a multi-purpose female USB socket.

The board has two modes of power input, through the USB socket and through a DC barrel socket. There is a green LED to indicate the presence of power, and a latching switch to control the power to the board.

On this particular model and version, the centre pin of the barrel socket is positive; however, please double check with the manufacturer’s instructions, in case they have made any changes. You have to push the switch IN to be able to use power from the barrel socket input.

The operating instructions state that the input voltage through the barrel socket must be between 6.5 V and 12 V. Hence, if you wish to use it to its maximum capability you will need to remain in that range. This is a non-adjustable fixed power supply model, which is good enough for most applications. The manual states maximum output current to be 700 mA. However, it is probably better to use much lower voltages and current to be on the safe side in case you make a mistake on your breadboard circuit.

Jumper pins are utilized for selecting the voltage levels on each side of the breadboard power rails. You can choose between 5 V, OFF, and 3.3 V. There are two sets of jumper selectors for each side of the breadboard power rails; hence, you can have any combination of voltages on either rail. There are also header pins for tapping off voltages, using a cable or jumper wires.

The AMS1117 is a voltage regulator manufactured by Advanced Monolithic Systems. There are two regulators where one regulator establishes a 3.3 V rail, whilst another establishes the 5 V rail. These are a good make of components found in a SOT-223 package. Their documentation states that this series can provide a maximum output current of 1 A, and the absolute maximum input voltage rating is 15 V.

Specifications of Breadboard Power Supply:
  •     Locking ON / OFF Switch
  •     LED Power Indicator
  •     Input Voltage: 6.5 V to 12 V (DC) or USB Power Supply
  •     Output Voltage: 3.3 V / 5 V
  •     Maximum Output Current: 700 mA
  •     Power Rails 0 V, 3.3 V, 5 V on Breadboard
  •     Two Groups of Header Pins
  •     Size: 5.3 cm × 3.5 cm

Package includes:

  • 1 x Breadboard Power Supply

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