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Bluetooth Shield- Class2 (RN42)

Bluetooth Shield- Class2 (RN42)
Bluetooth Shield- Class2 (RN42)
Bluetooth Shield- Class2 (RN42)
Bluetooth Shield- Class2 (RN42)
Bluetooth Shield- Class2 (RN42)
Bluetooth Shield- Class2 (RN42)
Bluetooth Shield- Class2 (RN42)
Bluetooth Shield- Class2 (RN42)
Bluetooth Shield- Class2 (RN42)
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  • Brand: rhydoLABZ
  • Model: ARD-2119
  • Weight: 0.05kg
  • MPN: ARD-2119
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Description: This Class-2 Bluetooth Shield(RN42) made by rhydoLABZ simplifies the task of interfacing bluetooth with your Arduinos, Yes it is compatible with Arduino Due,which require 3V3 as interfacing voltage as well as all other Arduino boards and its clones. It is based on Arduino R3 layout with additional pins.  This board mates directly with all Arduinos and equips it with wireless communication capabilities using the  Bluetooth module. This unit build with the Roving Network's RN42 Class-2 bluetooth module and this unit uses an improved command set.

The shield is provided with a DPDT sliding switch which helps bluetooth module to connect either PC via USB or UART Pins of Arduino microcontroller. This feature helps you to configure or test the bluetooth module before using it in your project.No need for separate bluetooth development. Power is taken from the 5V pin of the Arduino and regulated on-board to 3.3VDC before being supplied to the bluetooth module. The shield also takes care of level shifting (5V to 3V3) on the RXD & TXD pin of the Bluetooth module.There is another onboard option(Jumper Selectable)is provided which allows you to connect Bluetooth module to either Digital UART or Software UART pins of the Arduino.

The board is polpulated with 3 state bus driver for converting 5V signal to 3V3 instead of normall voltage divider resistor network. Since we used the buffer we can use this shield  with 3V3 as well .The board also includes LEDs to indicate power,Status and Connect pins of the Bluetooth module. The Arduino's reset button is brought out on the shield, and a 12x11 grid of 0.1" pad holes are available for prototyping. The shield does  come with headers installed, So no Soldering required at all , just plug and play.

NOTE: Unit comes with interfacing voltage selection jumper(J9) set to 5v by default, for connecting to boards with 3V3 voltage reference, user has to change this to 3v3

Bluetooth Shield Features:
  • Mounts directly onto your Arduino
  • Can be use as Bluetooth development board
  • Selectable level Shifting (5V & 3V3)
  • on-board 3.3V power regulation and level shifting
  • 12x11 grid of 0.1" spaced prototyping holes
  • Arduino Reset button brought out at shield for easy accesibility.
  • Power, Status and Connect indicator LEDs
RN42 Bluetooth Module Specifications:
  • FCC Approved Class 2 Bluetooth® Radio Modem
  • SPP (Serial Port Profile) support
  • Extremely small radio - 0.15x0.6x1.9"
  • Very robust link both in integrity and transmission distance (18m)
  • Hardy frequency hopping scheme - operates in harsh RF environments like WiFi, 802.11g, and Zigbee
  • Encrypted connection
  • Frequency: 2.4~2.524 GHz
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V-6V
  • Serial communications: 2400-115200bps
  • Operating Temperature: -40 ~ +70C
  • Built-in antenna
  • Length: 2.7"
  • Width: 2.1"
Package includes:
  • 1x Bluetooth Shield- Class2 (RN42)
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