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ARM LPC2138 Teach YourSelf Kit - rhydoLABZ

ARM LPC2138 Teach YourSelf Kit - rhydoLABZ
ARM LPC2138 Teach YourSelf Kit - rhydoLABZ
ARM LPC2138 Teach YourSelf Kit - rhydoLABZ
ARM LPC2138 Teach YourSelf Kit - rhydoLABZ
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ARM LPC2138 Teach YourSelf Kit - rhydoLABZ
ARM LPC2138 Teach YourSelf Kit - rhydoLABZ
ARM LPC2138 Teach YourSelf Kit - rhydoLABZ
ARM LPC2138 Teach YourSelf Kit - rhydoLABZ
ARM LPC2138 Teach YourSelf Kit - rhydoLABZ
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Description: The eDu LPC2138 is a NXP ARM7TDMI (16 & 32 bit) based LPC2138 microcontroller self study kit, suitable for teaching and learning embedded system programming. This tutorial is intended to give a detailed picture of programming the Philips (NXP) LPC2138 ARM7 microcontroller. The tutorial kit includes all necessary tools to assist you in developing various applications your self.  The Philips ARM7 Microcontroller LPC21XX series is a high-performance while low-cost embedded processor. It includes several useful modules, like I2C, RTC, PWM, UART, ADC etc. It is quite convenient for embedded system designer to use it as an all-in-one solution.

Note: The USB connector, provided on board, is only for powering.

eCee LPC2138 Features: 

  • Includes Base Board + Header Board
  • Compact and Ready to use design
  • Professional EMI/RFI Complaint PCB Layout Design for Noise Reduction
  • High Quality Two layer PTH PCB
Base Board Features: 
  • Supports LPC2129/32/48  Header Boards
  • Includes LPC2138 Header Board
  • No separate programmer required (On-Chip Boot loader)
  • No Separate power adapter required (USB power source)
  • Two RS-232 Interfaces (For direct connection to PC’s Serial port)
  • On Board Two Line LCD Display (2x16) (with jumper select option)
  • On Board 8 LED Interface to test Port pin (with jumper select option)
  • On Board Pot interface to ADC
  • On Board Temperature Sensor Interface
  • On Board Buzzer Interface
  • On Board 4x4 (16 Keys) Matrix Keyboard
  • On Board I2C EEPROM
  • On Board External Interrupt Button
  • On Board Connector for PWM Output
  • PWM controlled LCD backlight
  • On Board Connector for AnalogOutput
  • On Board Speaker Output
  • LF Amplifier LM 386 
  • Adaptor (any standard 9-12V power supply) option
  • On Board Power LED Indicator
  • On Board Reset button
  • All Port Pins available at Berge Strip
  • On Board JTAG Connector for Debugging/Programming
  • Power Supply Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Three On Board DB9 Connectors (Two for UART and One for CAN)
  • On Board USB Connector
  • On Board 1 Amp Voltage Regulator
  • On Board Connector for regulated 3V3 output
  • On Board Connector for regulated 5V output
  • Controller Area Network (CAN) transceiver (optional)
  • Can be used as main board for developing applications
Header Board Features:
  • Easy to use DIP Package
  • Includes NXP LPC 2138 Microcontroller
  • On Board Power LED Indicator
  • On Board JTAG Jumper
  • On Board 12 MHz Crystal Oscillator
  • On Board 32.768 KHz Crystal for RTC
  • On Board 3.3V Regulator
  • On Board Power Supply de-Coupling Capacitors
  • All Port Pins available at Berg Strip
  • Header Module can be removed for developing your circuit
LPC2138  Chip Specification:
  • NXP LPC 2138 with 12 MHz Crystal Oscillator (With Boot loader Software)
  • High Performance 32-bit ARM7TDMI-S™ CPU
  • 512 KB Programmable Flash Memory provides minimum of 10,000 erase/write cycles and  10 years of data-retention.
  • 32 KB Data Memory (SRAM)
  • In-System/In-Application Programming (ISP/IAP) via on-chip boot-loader software. 
  • Single Flash sector or full chip erase in 400 ms and 256 bytes programming in 1 ms.
  • Embedded ICE  and Embedded Trace interfaces offer real-time debugging with the on-chip RealMonitor™ software and high   speed tracing of instruction execution.
  • Two 8-channel 10-bit A/D with conversion times as low as 2.44 us per channel.
  • Single 10-bit D/A converter provide variable analog output. 
  • Two 32-bit Timers/External event counters. 
  • Four Capture and four Compare channels. 
  • PWM unit with six output pins.
  • Low power Real-time clock with independent power and dedicated 32 kHz clock input. 
  • Multiple serial interfaces including two UARTs, two Fast I2C (400 kbit/s), SPI™ and SSP with buffering and variable data length capabilities.
  • Vectored interrupt controller with configurable priorities and vector addresses. 
  • Up to 47 of 5 V tolerant general purpose I/O pins.
  • Up to nine edge or level sensitive external interrupt pins.
  • 60 MHz maximum CPU clock available from programmable on-chip Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) with settling time of 100us.
  • On-chip integrated oscillator operates with external crystal in range of 1 MHz to 30 MHz or with external oscillator from 1 MHz to 50 MHz.
  • Power saving modes include Idle and Power-down.
  • Individual enable/disable of peripheral functions. 
  • Processor wake-up from Power-down mode via external interrupt or Real-time Clock.
  • Single power supply chip with Power-On Reset (POR) and Brown-Out Detection (BOD)
  • CPU Operating Voltage range of 3.0 V to 3.6 V
Package includes: Documents & Downloads:

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