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3.2" Bezel-White

3.2" Bezel-White
3.2" Bezel-White
3.2" Bezel-White
3.2" Bezel-White
3.2" Bezel-White
3.2" Bezel-White
3.2" Bezel-White
3.2" Bezel-White
3.2" Bezel-White
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: 4D Systems
  • Model: DIS-2510
  • Weight: 0.03kg
  • MPN: 4DBEZEL-32-W
Rs 790.00
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4D Systems has designed and developed three plastic bezels to facilitate mounting and settling of units when using 4D Systems intelligent display modules. This is a 3.2" bezel for the popular uLCD-32PTU Intelligent Display and the new 4DPi-32 Raspberry Pi Display.

These bezels provide not only a sleek cover to 4D Systems display modules but also an easy method to panel mount the display module into a secure enclosure. Spring clips attach to the bezel in four locations to tightly hold onto enclosure or wall panel. This offers a range of panel thickness from 1mm to 2.5mm without the need to add washers.

NOTE: This bezel is designed for indoor use only. It is not weather-sealed, nor does it bear any Ingress Protection (IP) rating. Use indoor with care--preferably in a clean environment as the bezel offers little protection to the circuitry against moisture or particles.

  • Plastic bezels available in 3.2", 4.3" and 7.0" display sizes, suitable for the uLCD-32PTU and 4DPi-32 (3.2" Bezel), the uLCD-43PT, uLCD-43DT, 4DLCD-FT843, Armadillo-43T (4.3" Bezel), and the uLCD-70DT (7.0" Bezel)
  • Provide a simple method to panel mount the display modules, and provide a finished look to the surround of the display
  • Simple cut-out required, no mounting holes required to be drilled in the panel for screws
  • Brass mounting inserts in the rear of the bezel to secure and durable fastening
  • Spring Clips for attaching the bezel to the panel (Qty depends on size)
  • M2 mounting screws and washers included
Package includes:
  • 1x  3.2" Bezel (White Colour)
  • 4x  Spring Clips
  • 8x  Mounting Screws
  • 8x  Mounting Washers
NOTE: CAD Models of the 4D BEZELS are designed for easy design into enclosures using a suitable CAD Application. These are not designed to be 3D Printed as there is metal hardware required for mounting.

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