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Model: TOL-2183 Brand: ikaLogic
ScanaPLUS: 9-Channels, 100MHz Logic Analyzer is a robust, versatile and multi-application 9 Channels logic analyzer. It relies on the free ScanaStudio software to capture and analyze logic signals. This logic analyzer will capture signals at a steady rate of 100 MSPS (Million Samples Per Seconds), w..
Rs 18,999.00
Model: TOL-1641 Brand: ikaLogic
ScanaLogic 2 is all new Logic Analyzer and Signal Generator. If you're searching for a simple, easy to use but complete Logic Analyzer, then we've got what you need! SCANALOGIC 2 is not only a logic analyzer, but it's also a comprehensive digital signal generator, giving you a complete lab tool, all..
Rs 4,999.00
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