IoT Wifi Board With SMPS (4 Digital + 1 Analog)

IoTLABZ introduces a new IOT ESP8266 board with 4+1 Input. This is a 4 digital input board and an ADC pin which has esp8266 on board chip and also has 100-230VAC to 5V DC converter on the same board. It can be programmed using FTDI/CP2102. The board is manufactured with Automatic Pick and place machine with high quality standard. We can control the on-board pins from the cloud using wifi connectivity or develop your own firmware.

Here we are giving a simple experiment to read the digital pins and sending the status to a Client. For example we are connecting  switches on the IO pins,  read the status and sending to a Client.

  • Based on ESP-07 ESP8266 Wifi Board.
  • Onboard SMPS module is used to convert 120V-230V AC to 5V DC.
  • Two pin screw terminals are used to connect Input AC .
  • Eight pin RMC connector for connecting four Input.
  • Three pin RMC connector for connecting Input ADC .
  • Onboard programming using FTDI/CP2102.

Before programming in Arduino IDE, we want to first install third party package using board manager.

  • Install Arduino from Arduino website.
  • Start Arduino and open ‘PREFERENCES‘ from ‘FILE‘ menu.
  • Open Board Manager from Tools and install esp8266 platform in the Board menu

  • Select the Board and COM port of the device to be connected.

In this post an android application is used to control the IOT relay board. An Application running on Android phone will get the sensor value from IOT device and it will be displayed on the Application. The four relay on the board are controlled using the Android Application.

  • Power the module by connecting the Line and Neutral  to screw terminal connector (K4).
  • Connect the sensor to RMC connector (K1).
  • Connect the Input devices (Switch) to K2 and upload the code.
How to Upload code to IOT Relay board
  • Put J1 jumper .
  • Connect the FTDI on the connector(K3).
  •  Press the Reset button on the board.
  • Press the Upload button on Arduino IDE.
How to connect the board to android application
  • In our examples the IOT Relay board is set as Server and it is connected to a router. The mobile is connected to the same router.The Android Application is connected to the IOT Relay board using TCP/IP protocol (Here we are using Connection terminal).

 Note:Press configuration button then select Network button to perform the action then click Client button which appears on the screen (Options in connection terminal).
  • Enter the IP and Port number and press connect button in connection terminal .
  • After connecting open terminal
Sample code for reading status  of IO pins and transmitting it to a client

Sample code for Reading Sensor(ADC pin)
Connect Vcc(3.3V),GND and sensor pin as directed in RMC connector(K6). Power the module by connecting the phase and neutral to SMPS. Upload the sample code(Using FTDI /CP2102) (Put  J1 jumper while uploading the code.After uploading remove the jumber and press reset button) and connect the android app with the IOT board as described above.



 How to Buy

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