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Magnetic / RPM

Model: SEN-3696
Hall Effect Sensor-AH49E is a small, versatile linear Hall-effect device that is operated by the magnetic field from a permanent magnet or an electromagnet. The output voltage is set by the supply voltage and varies in proportion to the strength of the magnetic field. The integrated circuitry featur..
Rs 49.00
Model: SEN-2697 Brand: Chineese
Door/window contact magnetic reed switch  is operated by an applied magnetic field. Reed switch and magnet  are encapsulated in white plastic molding. It is designed to be recessed into door or window frames. Features of door/window contact magnetic reed switch:     Operating Distance :15-25mm ..
Rs 69.00
Model: COM-2802
Reed Sensor Module, an electrical switch consisting of a pair of contacts on ferrous metal reeds. It gets operated by the applied magnetic field. When the device is exposed to a magnetic field, the two ferrous materials inside the switch pull together and the switch closes. When the magnetic field i..
Rs 99.00
Model: COM-2793
Description: This is a magnetic bead, suitable for RPM measurment with Hall Effect sensors. Install these beads on  wheels and you could easily measure the RPM using Halleffect sensor interfaced with an Arduino. This bead makes it easy for you to build your own own sillometer and milemeter with Ardu..
Rs 32.00
Model: ROB-2813
Circular Grid Board For Velocity Measurement can be used to measure the velocity of wheels or motors. This Circular Grid Board comes of a great aid for RPM measurement, which can be done using a light / laser or Infrared emitter – receiver pair. And it comes handy for any robotic projects. Circular..
Rs 42.00
Model: SEN-2444
Description: MH481, a linear Hall-effect sensor, is composed of hall sensor, linear amplifier and emitter-follower output stage. The integrated circuitry features low noise output, which makes it unnecessary to use external filtering. It also includes thin film resistors to provide increased tempera..
Rs 64.00
Model: SEN-1166
Description: MH183KUA is a unipolar Hall effect sensor IC. It incorporates advanced chopper stabilization technology to provide accurate and stable magnetic switch points. The design, specifications and performance have been optimized for applications of solid state switches.The output transistor wi..
Rs 64.00
Model: SEN-1165
Description:  A3290 is chopper stabilized HALL effect Latches for ultra sensitive and stable operation from ALLEGRO Micro systems. .These devices are designed for use with multipole ring magnets. A south pole of sufficient strength will turn the output ON. A north pole magnetic field is necessary to..
Rs 75.00
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