How to Place an Order

Step 1: Choose the product to purchase. 

Step 2 :You can add the product to your shopping cart instantly by clicking the "Add to Cart" icon ,which will pop-up on hovering the mouse on product.

Click  on Add to cart

Step 3 : Once the buy now button is clicked, you will be navigated to your shopping cart. Now you are provided with options such as; “Back to Shopping” to add more products to your shopping cart before  checkout, the “update “option can be used update the changes in shopping cart(qty for example), “Estimate Shipping” can be used to know the estimated delivery date to your address.

Once done, click the “Check out” button to proceed.


Step 4 : Once the check out button is clicked, you will be prompted to login to your rhydoLABZ account (only if you are not logged in already). If you have an account with rhydoLABZ, you can simply use your login details to proceed further. Otherwise you follow the sign up option to proceed further. 

Once logged in, you can choose the shipping address. By default the shipping address will be filled in based on your account details, however you can change the shipping address if you wish so.

Now you may opt the shipping method out of all those listed below. The page has a comment box at the bottom, in which you can mention anything that you wish to let us know regarding your order. (For eg: We have some arduino shields that comes with header pins not presoldered, if you want those soldered on to the board then kindly mention the same in comments here)
Click the “Continue Checkout” to proceed further
Step 5 : You are about to complete the process. Check the “Terms and Conditions” box, which confirms that you are aware of our policies as listed in our webstore. Further you can change the billing address if needed. Also, the page provides provision to avail discount using redemption codes (only if you received one from us). 
Finally you can choose your payment option for checkout.
Click the “Continue Checkout” button to proceed with payment.
Step 6 : Done! Confirm your order. Upon order confirmation you will be navigated on to thirdparty site (Eg: Bank Website) to make the payment. Thats it! You are about to receive your package with warm greetings from rhydoLABZ.   


Order Status Information

Once you place your order, it will pass through a series of statuses during fulfillment.

New Order/Pending
This indicates we’ve received your order.It is default order Status.
Payment Verification
If you have paid your order through online payments(Credit card/Debit Card /Net banking) or informed us about your Offline payments ( NEFT/Direct Cash Deposit etc.) , We will make the status to Payment Verification mode to verify these payments in our Accounts.
We have received your payment or accepted your payment method selected and We are processing your order, Your order list has been printed, and we’re in the process of pulling your parts from the shelves. No changes to your order are possible once it is in this status or further.
Your order has been completely packaged and moved to our shipping dock. It’s ready to go! You should receive an email that your stuff is on the way to you (with a tracking number if your shipping method is tracked).You will receive shipment confirmation mail and SMS with tracking Number."My Accounts" Section will be updated with the shipping details.  Nope, no changes to your order in this status either
Your Order has been deliverd at your address by the shipping method selected.You will receive Delivery confirmation mail and SMS with Receivers name(if provided).rhydoLABZ's "My Accounts" Section will be updated with the Delivery details
Ready for Pickup
This applies to Local Pickup orders only. It means your order is at our front desk waiting for you to come pick it up
Waiting For Payment
Either we’re waiting for your Bank Deposit , NEFT or Cheque to clear (it takes a few days)once our accounts department confirms payment, we’ll release your order for shipment.
This indicates your order needs human interaction before it can be released for shipment. This is often the case with lithium batteries, export control issues, and orders you have requested be paused for changes. Orders in Exception status usually get cleared quickly. We will contact you if we need additional information