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XBee Shield for Arduino - rhydoLABZ

XBee Shield for Arduino - rhydoLABZ

Description: This XBee Shield made by rhydoLABZ simplifies the task of interfacing an XBee with your Arduino. It is...
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Useful product

By Vinayak Joshi from Goa, India on May 24, 2017
Delivers everything promised.
1)The switch provided helps to re-program the Arduino while the xbee is connected, this feature deserves applause.
2)Thanks to the extra long pin Female (male side extended)berge connectors the Arduino breakouts are mimiced perfectly on the shield.

1) reset button for the xbee
2) digital and analogue pin breakouts pulled near the veroboard area (the digital pin breakout near the Arduino breakout is pointless)
3) disconnect the 2 hole and 3 hole Vero board holes connected on the bottom layer. Veroboard area should be connection less unless providing vcc or gnd.
4) This one is far fetched, but will earn Hugh applause. If possible have another switch which puts the Arduino I reset mode and connects the xbee to the usb to allow xctu (or any other xbee controlling computer program) to configure and use the xbee.
5) trim the xtra long male berge pins sticking out of the bottom of the shield such that the pins are not exposed when connected to the Arduino.
6) Xbee breakouts would be better suited outside the xbee area to allow interfacing of the xbee gpio using jumpers cables.
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Working ;-)

By Umesh from N/A on May 19, 2016
best product seen so far to serve its purpose
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