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RFID Reader (125Khz) - Serial TTL

RFID Reader (125Khz) - Serial TTL

The rhydoLABZ RFID reader reads EM4100 family transponder tags that are brought in proximity to the reader and output...
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By Brijesh Singh on
It's not working with Arduino. Whenever I connect arduino USB to PC, the modules power goes off.
It is only working with USB-TTL converter.
My Arduino connections are as follows:

Arduino Rx --_ Module Tx
Arduino +5 --_ Module 5V
Arduino GND --_ Module GND
Also tried 0.1 uF cap b/w GND and Power pin of Arduino

If I uses external 5v power for module makes GND common for all Arduino,Module,External Power source, Modules's power LED keeps on glowing. But at same time when I connect my arduino to
PC, the modules power goes off.

Please help.
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